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What They're Saying:

"Jess Jacob is a master at injectable fillers! She has a keen eye to assess and visualize the entire face, and the expertise to make an aesthetic plan that is truly transformative. She communicates easily with her patients and clearly describes her approach and insights in an understandable manner.  Her aesthetic eye is matched with her incredible medical technique and attention to detail."

-Ashley M.

"Jess is very skilled at what she does.  Her nursing background and caring personality have given her an innate ability to understand her patients and their needs.  Jess is a perfect fit in the field of medical aesthetics.  She is my go-to for looking youthful and natural!"

-Corey A.

"Jess is very professional, skilled, and extremely knowledgeable. She knows me and my expectations, as well as my low threshold for pain. Every procedure that I have questions about, I know I can ask her and she will know all about it and is able to discuss with me if it's something that would benefit me for the results I hope for. She administers Dysport and fillers for me regularly, and I know when I'm ready for a bigger undertaking, I can trust her to advise me accordingly. Knowledgeable, kind, sweet, and beautiful!"

-Diane L.

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